Dubai’s Newest Campaign for Labourers

DJ’s (if you can call them that) on Dubai 92 started a campaign to donate swim suits to Dubai’s labour force. This is in response to an article in this morning’s 7 Days newspaper (if you can call it a newspaper) reporting “Labourers have been warned they must wear appropriate swimwear if they are going for a weekend dip as a growing number of workers are being rounded up for causing a stir on Dubai’s beaches.”

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And Baby Makes Three

IMG_0829_3_mocThat’s right! We have a beautiful son! I visited my own blog the other day. Oh the shock and horror! I haven’t posted anything in more than a year! But, although very flimsy, the pregnancy, the birth, the general child-rearing, has all contributed to my silence. Well, that’s my excuse anyway – and I’m sticking to it. Now on with the show. Continue reading →

A Letter from Sendai, Japan

I came across this letter from a woman in Sendai Japan. It confirms reports from various other sources that the Japanese are dignified in the face of calamity. Something also tells me that these are signs that the world is changing for the better. A shift in our collective consciousness is taking place – I for one, am very glad! Have a read through the letter – it’s heartwarming. Anne, whoever you are – Godspeed to you and the people of Japan. Continue reading →

Will the Real Members of the Pretoria Hindu Seva Samaj Please Stand Up?

As I type this:
• youth in Bahrain are getting shot by their government;
• Muammar Gaddafi is about to launch an attack on Benghazi;
• Japanese fear being poisoned by radiation, after part of their country was literally wiped off the face of the earth.

Oh and one more thing: some of the members of the Executive Committee of the Pretoria Hindu Seva Samaj are, once again, embroiled in gutter politics! Continue reading →

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