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Imagination Movers in Dubai

Imagination MoversIf you would have asked me who are the Imagination Movers18 months ago, I would have answered with a blank expression. But – now that we have Hashay and now that Disney Junior is about the only thing we watch –I know exactly who they are. So, when we heard they were heading to Dubai, we jumped at the chance to take Hashay to his first “concert”. Continue reading →


Madonna in Abu Dhabi – MDNA 2012

A Madonna concert is one of those once in a life time gigs. That explains why tickets were sold out in the first 25 minutes. I was super excited about Madonna – it was something I was looking forward to for months. Continue reading →

Dubai’s Newest Campaign for Labourers

DJ’s (if you can call them that) on Dubai 92 started a campaign to donate swim suits to Dubai’s labour force. This is in response to an article in this morning’s 7 Days newspaper (if you can call it a newspaper) reporting “Labourers have been warned they must wear appropriate swimwear if they are going for a weekend dip as a growing number of workers are being rounded up for causing a stir on Dubai’s beaches.”

Continue reading →

Dubai and Valentines Day

Valentines Day is upon us. Dubai has many options to celebrate the day of love, even though it will be alcohol free this year. Continue reading →

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