Imagination Movers in Dubai

Imagination MoversIf you would have asked me who are the Imagination Movers18 months ago, I would have answered with a blank expression. But – now that we have Hashay and now that Disney Junior is about the only thing we watch –I know exactly who they are. So, when we heard they were heading to Dubai, we jumped at the chance to take Hashay to his first “concert”.

Rock-o-Matic Concert

Alright, for those of you who are not exactly “plugged in” to the kiddie’s music scene, here’s some info: the Imagination Movers are essentially a rock band, made up of four talented musicians. They sing educational songs to rock music. They have been so popular that they’ve even managed to sell 100,000 copies of their CDs! I kid you not! More amazingly, they regularly play to sold out kiddie audiences, all over the world! They have a regular half hour show on Disney Junior as well. Judging by my son’s reaction to the show – they are definitely doing something right!

Where was Nina?

Nina Hashay’s favourite character in the show is undoubtedly Nina. She’s the only female on the show and is always smiling and dancing on TV. His face lights up when he sees her and I expected him to do the same at the live concert. Unfortunately there was no Nina! That was a huge disappointment for us. In fact, the show seemed to be one that was cut down to size. Almost an edited version of the real thing. I’m not sure if that’s true but that’s what it seemed like to me.

However, I can’t complain. Our son was entertained for almost two hours. It seemed like all the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the Imagination Movers guys are really a talented bunch. We even managed to make the Gulf News the next day!


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