Dubai’s Newest Campaign for Labourers

DJ’s (if you can call them that) on Dubai 92 started a campaign to donate swim suits to Dubai’s labour force. This is in response to an article in this morning’s 7 Days newspaper (if you can call it a newspaper) reporting “Labourers have been warned they must wear appropriate swimwear if they are going for a weekend dip as a growing number of workers are being rounded up for causing a stir on Dubai’s beaches.”

I don’t know about you, but a lot of this morning’s radio show made me cringe. Although Catboy and Geordiebird kept making the point that they were not trying to take the mickey out of these workers, it was so clear that they were doing exactly that! Listeners were encouraged to come up with catchy names for the campaign, with Catboy even suggesting “Bloomers for ten roomers,” because labourers sleep ten to a room!

Labourers are Subhuman

 It’s a well known fact that labourers are regarded as second class citizens in Dubai. They are all around the city, but Dubawi’s would prefer it if they were not!

 Come on people; let’s not forget that those plush offices you sit in and those swanky apartments you live in were built on the sweat of these men. Let’s not forget that they work in the blistering heat when you enjoy your air conditioning.

 So, if you must campaign for labourers why don’t you start with trying to change people’s attitudes towards them – or try getting unscrupulous developers to give them a decent wage – instead of coming up with silly names for a silly campaign, just so that you can have fun in the morning!

 I, for one, have decided to switch to Dubai Eye.


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