And Baby Makes Three

IMG_0829_3_mocThat’s right! We have a beautiful son! I visited my own blog the other day. Oh the shock and horror! I haven’t posted anything in more than a year! But, although very flimsy, the pregnancy, the birth, the general child-rearing, has all contributed to my silence. Well, that’s my excuse anyway – and I’m sticking to it. Now on with the show.

The Pregnancy

I wouldn’t have said so in the first or third trimesters, but being pregnant was actually an amazing experience. I know there are women who wax lyrical about it being an honour and a privilege to be able to grow another life in your belly. I’m not that dramatic. I will however, admit that you learn more about yourself in the process. You have to deal with changes to your body, your mood, your outlook on life and even your relationships at every step in the 9 (actually 10) month process.

Ok, so the first and third trimesters were not that great for me. I completely went off food in the early days. I would eat a single dry toast for the day. I couldn’t stomach the sight of anything else for about 3 weeks. But there was no vomiting – thank goodness.

The third trimester: I was LARGE and I had insomnia. In fact, my sister is right when she said, the third trimester feels like a whole 9 months on its own. I felt like a giant elephant plodding along. I couldn’t sleep – partly because I was so uncomfortable and partly because I was hot all the time! And when our son moved around in there – it felt like I had a snake chilling under my clothes!

Other than that, I was lucky enough to have had a very healthy and (by many standards) easy pregnancy.

I did some Prenatal Yoga, ate the right foods most of the time and read any pregnancy related material I could get my hands on. Talking about reading, the book, What to Expect when You’re Expecting was my bible. I also attended prenatal classes by Cecile de Scally

I think I will leave it there for today. I want to blog about so many of my experiences over the last year – so visit again soon – there’s more to come, I promise!

P.S. We named our baby Hashay, meaning happiness.


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