Dubai and Valentines Day

Valentines Day is upon us. Dubai has many options to celebrate the day of love, even though it will be alcohol free this year.

Dubai Celebrations

According to Gulf News since the birthday of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) will be celebrated on February 15, February 14 will be a dry night. This means that hotels and licensed restaurants will not be serving alcohol on Valentines Day.

Be that as it may, most people think that Valentines Day would be a relatively low key affair. Well, most people would be wrong! Dubai is certainly not Malaysia! The day of love coincides with the Dubai Shopping Festival. Many customers and tour operators have gone all out to ensure that people in Dubai are well looked after. Even those singletons out there are spoilt for choice (even if celebrations are going to be alcohol free).

On A Personal Note

I bought my hubby dearest a gift voucher to the Yas Marina Circuit from Dreamdays. He loves his cars so I know he’s going to enjoy racing around the F1 circuit in Abhu Dhabi.

Anyway, gotta go. I have some candles to light and a suitable playlist to find on my ipod!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!


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