The Amy Winehouse Disaster at Dubai Gulf Bike Week

We had the unfortunate experience of attending the Amy Winehouse concert last night. The concert was part of Dubai’s Gulf Bike Week.

Amy Winehouse Incoherent and Disinterested

If Amy Winehouse was drunk or high she has more guts than brains. Because everyone knows that she could have been jailed by Dubai Police. Even if her manager is to be believed (they say she was having technical difficulties with her ear mic) she forgot her lyrics, was stumbling around the stage and even left the stage – twice!

Ticket Prices

The tickets to the concert was not exactly cheap, with the cheapest being AED300 (just under $100) and the “Back to Black Lounge” being AED1000! Who the hell does she think she is? It’s completely disrespectful to her fans who went to the concert. Did she think she could behave in that manner and people would be dumb enough to lap it up?

In fact, she was booed by certain parts of the crowd and at one point one of her back up singers had to take over. Poor man, he did manage to salvage some pride for her group.

All in all, the worst concert I’ve been to. Here’s a video of the concert taken by a good friend of mine, Sandhya Lalloo. You can make up your own mind.


6 responses

  1. it looks to me that she was trying to make a connection with the crowd and they wouldn’t even respond to her…i think were not getting the whole story

    +she has new material and the record company wont let her play it…how would you like being forced to play the same song for over 5+ years and get no say on your performance?

    i think most ppl have to re-adjust there judgement of amy…so many people are simply to cruel to this lovely lady

    1. She’s not a lovely lady, she’s a habitual drug abuser. Anyone who was there certainly got the full story and as far as singing the same song for 5 years, most of them she has not been fit to perform and as we pay her wages she has a duty to entertain us.

      The fact is that she couldn’t remember the word to any of her songs, new or old. It’s all there on youtube – it was a car crash. I mean come on, there were thousands of her fans who like her enough to pay a lot of money to go and see her. They were all boo’ing and walking out.

      She could have sang anything but actually sang nothing. I have re-adjusted my judgement of Amy, I had thouhgt that after two years off she may be able to pull it out of the bag but I’ve re-adjusted to realising she had her chance and should be assigned to the history books as another one who wasted what talent she used to have.

    2. i was there at the concert….everyone felt her nerves on the first song and but kept on encouraging her with “AMY AMY AMY AMY” chants….this went on for the next 2 songs…by the 4th…that’s when people started to boo and leave…i think some of her music is good…but that day she just didnt seem like she was there…and this was the first concert i’ve ever been to ever where the artist never said hello to the crowd and introduce his/her band….

  2. Is this guy Ovesen for real? Amy Winehouse was a disgrace! She forgot the words of her second song, stumbled through the rest, she left the stage loads of times (the backing singers were more talented). No way did the crowd stay to watch her, I left after song 8 and the taxi que was pretty much all the way back to Festival Centre entrance. People were piling out in mass after her third song. We deserve a re-fund – you couldn’t evne hear her. She was a mess, playing with her nails, drinking water mid-song, asking the crowd if they wanted to get up there and join the band after she was boo’ed etc etc. It’s all on Youtube – the camera doesn’t lie. I think ‘Done Events’ need to issue a refund. Amy Winehouse’s spokes person has said her in ear monitor was not working, also we could not hear her as the sound levels were so poor. The only reason most people heard any of her concert is because we were stranded for hours fue to there being no taxis. It was pretty much one of the worst nights out I’ve ever had in this country.

    Amy Winehouse and Done Events are best avoided, they may as well have donned a ski mask before taking the money I paid for tickets, at least I would have only been robbed and not lost an evening of my life as well.

  3. I was there, it was truely, truely terrible. It’s a disgrace that we do not all get a refund. Amy Winehouse was forgetting her words, walking off stage, being rude to the crowd, stumbling around etc etc.

    Whatever she had, it was years ago. She shouldn’t be performing any more – well actually she didn’t perform the other night, you couldn’t hear her or she was stopping half way through her songs to have a drink of whatever was in that container.

    What a waste of time, how can she get away with charging 300 Dhs for THAT! We all work hard to pay to go and see her and she could barely be bothered to go through the motions. I’m very offenced.

  4. I really don’t care for Amy Winehouse any more or less than any other person I may pass in the street. However, many of the comments here are stupid or ignorant, and here is why:

    1) The back-up singer always has some songs at Winehouse shows. This wasn’t a case of ‘had to take over’,

    2) Without monitoring, a singer cannot hear themselves sing, they have no reference for pitch and will be terrible, no matter who the singer is. Singing, or speaking, in such circumstances is literally impossible. Try singing (or even just talking) with your fingers jammed in your ears, with overpowering ambient noise, record it, and discover for yourself how much you suck in such circumstances.

    3) At almost any concert anywhere, the performer does not have any say over ticket pricing; that is the promoter’s business. The performer is paid a set fee for the show. Saying ‘how can she get away with charging…’ is just ignorant and applies blame where it is not deserved.

    4) The promoter is also responsible for the sound system, and any problems that occur with it. As everything else in UAE is shambolic and done with cut-corners, cheap materials and barely suitable labour, it should not come as a surprise that a concert is no different.

    5) The ticket prices are fairly normal, ‘real-world’ prices. Too many expats in the UAE have their heads lost in a fantasy world and expect everything in life to cost five dollars. You can see some crappy, dismal local band run through an uninspired, predictable set for the cost of a beer, but if you want real-world product (including entertainment product), expect to pay real-world prices.

    6) If any group of people booed you (for whatever reason), would you stand there, smile and take it? Of would you say something in return? Blaming someone for choosing the latter is to hold them to unrealistic standards.

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