2010 Round Up

We (especially South Africans) have been waiting for 2010 to arrive and in a flash, it’s almost over! We’ve had our fair share of highs and lows this year. I’m off with my family to Malaysia tomorrow. But before I go I thought I’d produce a round up of 2010 of my own:

1. 2010 Fifa World Cup – Ke Nako!
2010 was definitely special because we hosted the 2010 Fifa World Cup. It was the year South Africa truly made it on the map. Despite fears of crime, man-eating lions and even terrorism we staged an event that made all of Africa proud!

2. Earthquakes, Floods and Volcanic Ash

If my memory serves me well, it all started with Haiti and what a tragedy that was! The most horrific scenes in any movie I’d seen would not have done justice to the nightmare that Haiti experienced. Then it was the flooding in Pakistan and even more earthquakes in Chile and Indonesia. But Mother Nature was not done yet. A volcano (that no one seems to be able to pronounce) awoke and caused panicked delays in air travel across the world.

On that note: isn’t it scary how natural disasters are becoming more and more frequent?

3. BP and that Oil Spill

This was the largest accidental oil spill in history! Who can forget those scenes from the Gulf of Mexico? The spill destroyed the Gulf’s already fragile fishing industry and killed off most of its animal and plant life. I will remember it for the infamous BPGlobalPR twitter account that attracted more than 120,000 followers

4. Cricket and those Match-fixers

Poor Pakistanis! As if they didn’t have enough to deal with between their crap President, dumb ass terrorists and the floods – their equally dumb ass cricketers have to get mixed up in match fixing scandals. Doesn’t surprise me. I think we’re only just touched the surface on this one. There are more players and countries involved that the ICC are letting on. And don’t get me started on the ICC… incompetent morons!

5. Wikileaks

I’m still not sure how I feel about Julian Assange (by the way, doesn’t he look like one of those baddies in a James Bond movie?). I do know though, that the public has a right to know about what really goes on in political circles. So, I’m not anti-Wikileaks but it does pose a whole host of problems, doesn’t it?

6. The Chilean Miners

Oh how I cried! I remember sitting glued to the telly during the wee hours of the morning as each miner was hauled out of that hole after being trapped there for 69 days. What a sight! We have to spare a thought though for those miners that perished in New Zealand – very tragic indeed.

7. Dewani

So, Shrien thought he could get his wife murdered in South Africa and get away with it?! This story sickens me. Enough said.

8. Recession

With people and even governments falling deeper and deeper into a financial mess, it is certain that the recession is not over for most people. News of the economy is reported everywhere. Most people have come to realise that paper money is not (and never was) worth much. Precious metals like gold and silver have hit record highs and I think this trend will continue in 2011.

9. People of Indian Origin Celebrate 150 years in South Africa

I chose this one because I’m one of those people. It always surprises me here in Dubai when people ask me where I’m from. “South Africa” I answer happily. This is almost always followed by. “But your face is Indian.” Or “You don’t sound like an Afrikaner!”

Anyway, 150 years on, it’s great to see that Indians have assimilated in South African society and have contributed so much to the country. We are proudly South African but also recognise our Indian descent.

How apt then, that Sachin Tendulkar scores his 50th test century in South Africa, 150 years after Indians first arrive in the country.

10. Blue Bulls march to Orlando

I’ll end off on a positive note. The Blue Bulls won this year’s Super 14 in stunning fashion. What made it more memorable was the fact that the Bulls played in Soweto. What a stroke of brilliance!

Well, that’s that. 2010 was full of drama. I’m sure 2011 will be no different. Be safe, everyone. Have a merry Christmas and a joyous New Year. See you on the other side.


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