What If You Paid Attention To Your Strengths?

I am currently attending a leadership programme in Abu Dhabi. We had a thoroughly inspiring session yesterday, delivered by Dr Greg Dale who is the Director of Sport Psychology at Duke University.

Strengths vs. Weaknesses

Greg’s first session was about self awareness. He stated, “It is more important to pay attention to your strengths than on your weaknesses.” Our class had to either agree or disagree. I was sitting on the fence for this one. I guess I was brought up to believe that a person had to focus their attention on both their strengths and weaknesses.

Marcus Buckingham

We were then made to watch an inspiring video by Marcus Buckingham, This video is called Trombone Player Wanted. Buckingham is full of charisma. He says that only 2 out of 10 people use their strengths at work. That’s right! 2 out of 10! He says, what’s stopping the remaining 8 are 3 common myths:

1. As you grow, your personality changes.

2. You will grow the most in your areas of weakness.

3. A good team member does whatever it takes to help the team

He keeps urging you to play to your strengths. What struck me most was this example. If a child excels at English in school but is failing at Math – what happens? That child gets extra lessons in math. What would have happened if the child paid attention to his/her strengths and got extra lessons in English? I suddenly woke up! I felt like he was talking to and about me!! I wish I had paid attention to my strengths! Perhaps this blog would then have been more than a blog!

Here’s a snippet of the video:


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