GLEE – Why I love it

Something light hearted to begin the month of October. I’ve been addicted to every single episode of Glee season 1. So much so that I’ve been re-watching the full episodes (sometimes back to back) while waiting for season 2 to start.

Just another high school musical?

When I told one of my best friends about my addiction – she looked at me like I was an alien! “No way! Not you too! I’m tired of these American high school musicals!” she shouted.

But Glee is somehow more than that – its witty. Yes, the cast is pretty much stereotyped but I think that’s what the creators were aiming for. So, they could shatter those perceptions one by one! Granted, if this is what kids get up to in high school these days – we should all be afraid. That aside – Glee just puts me in a good mood! Love! Love! Love!
And best of all the songs are great!

Glee – Season 2
We here in the UAE are slightly behind the US when it comes to TV programmes. So, Glee’s season 2 has not premiered here yet. It promises to be even better than the first season with guest stars like Gwenyth Paltrow and Britney Spears. The cast also sings one of my favourite songs – New York by Alicia Keys! Its going to be fabulous and I just can’t wait.

In case you’re living under a rock and don’t know what Glee is, here’s a small part of season 1’s finale:


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