Why Women Need Wives

Girl Talk

I love having lunch with my girlfriends. We get to talk and debate situations in our lives in ways that we can’t really talk about with men. In short – we get to connect. On one such lunch, we were discussing our busy lives. Even in the UAE, where most women have maids and nannies and drivers – it seems that there is an endless list of chores and obligations to get through before women can actually have quality time with themselves. I can’t say that I’m in the same boat – firstly, I don’t have kids and secondly, I don’t have an endless supply of cheap (and sometimes exploited) labour! (More on that in another blog post).

What Women Want

One of my friends (who also does not have kids or maids) stated plainly,

We need wives.

After a few confused stares from us, she went on to explain,

If men can come home to a cooked meal and a clean house, then why can’t we? If they don’t have to worry about the dry cleaning or school times then why can’t we?

I rationalised this.

Well, don’t you people have maids and nannies for that?

No dear

she whispered patiently.

We also need them to service our husbands.


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