Ghana Black Stars, Brazil and Paris Hilton – what a night!

I admit that I said I wanted the 2010 FIFA World Cup to end but honestly, after yesterday, I just don’t think my heart can take all this drama! But let me go back a few hours.

It’s no secret that people in Dubai work pretty hard. I live here, I should know. So, when the weekend rolls in, all I ever want to do is relax and be stress free. My husband, Ketan, told me that he would be working the entire weekend (oh, Fridays and Saturdays are our weekend here. Which means we our Sundays are actually our Mondays, capish?). He also said that there was a team dinner scheduled at the Burj Al Arab I didn’t mind. It’s the World Cup. Brazil and Ghana were playing – who cared about dinner at the Burj Al Arab?! This is South Africa 2010!

So, I ordered a pizza and got comfortable. First up: Brazil and Jan van Riebeck’s descendants, the Netherlands. The first half was nothing to write home about. My team Brazil was winning. Well, of course they were. There I was all comfortable in my Brazilian glory. Ketan took a shower and we arranged that I would drop him off at the Burj. No worries – Brazil was one nil up. What more could happen in the second half? Boy was I wrong! During the 45 min drive from Jebel Ali to Jumeirah and back those Dutchman managed to score 2 goals and kick Brazil all the way back to Sao Paulo.

Eish! But Ghana would be different. I mean, our hopes as Africans rested on their shoulders. All South Africans were Black Stars. No, we don’t agree with xenophobia in South Africa. I said a quiet prayer and settled down. Ghana vs. Uruguay. Oh the highs and the lows! That blasted Suarez and those bloody un-penalties!

The only thing that made my night was Paris Hilton being arrested for smoking weed in Port Elizabeth! That’s right Paris, Africa ain’t no place for sissies!


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