What’s so great about the 2010 Fifa World Cup anyway – why I want this madness to end

Expatriates have many challenges. Not only do they have to get accustomed to the culture and practices of their newly adopted countries but they also have to deal with the cravings for their home countries. I’ve been living in Dubai for over 2 years now and just when I thought I had this expat thing down and dusted, along comes this bloody World Cup.

My husband and I are patriotic South Africans. We wasted no time in buying our tickets and planning our football party. We attended the Fifa kickoff concert and the opening ceremony. We soaked up the atmosphere and were delirious with South Africa’s new found optimism. Then duty called and we made our way back to Arabia.

Back in Dubai I am like a junkie waiting for her next fix. I pounce on the morning newspaper and devour every story relating to my beautiful country. When South Africa played France I was the first person at the pub on Jumeirah Beach. I can’t stop talking about her – the stadiums, our people, the wildlife and even our politicians.

Sometimes I wish I was back in Joburg, dancing the Diski with my five year old nephew. Sometimes I find myself reminiscing about my life in South Africa. I thought I folded all these feelings and packed them up, along with my set of AMC pots, at the storage warehouse. Alas, they rolled back into my life along with this blasted World Cup.

That is why I want this World Cup to end. Let the final be played and let the winning team lift that trophy soon. Let all the visitors go back to their countries and leave South Africa and me in peace! I still have time to serve in Dubai and this World Cup is not making it any easier!


2 responses

  1. Hi there…thank you so much for the visit.
    What a lovely post.
    I agree…I will very happy when all this madness is over.
    The way the country has pulled together has been wonderful but enough already!

  2. […] Black Stars, Brazil and Paris Hilton – what a night! I admit that I said I wanted the 2010 FIFA World Cup to end but honestly, after yesterday, I just don’t think my heart can take all this drama! But let me go […]

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