This Is It – South Africa

On the flight from Dubai to Johannesburg I finally watched “This is it”. Ok, so I admit that I am a bit outdated as far as this documentary/drama/musical goes – but when it first released, I didn’t really see the point in joining the queues to reminisce about the King of Pop. But truth be told, I really enjoyed it. This movie really brought home to me what a great artist Michael Jackson was. His genius and absolute talent were unmatched and will probably not be matched for years to come (pity about his personal life and the plastic surgery though).

The same can be said for this year’s Fifa World Cup (and by that I don’t mean the plastic surgery). When we landed at O R Tambo International the excitement in the air was palpable. The airport is a hive of activity – airport staff in their Bafana Bafana T-shirts, people blowing vuvuzelas and the hundreds of flags everywhere. I was (and still am) thrilled to be home.

We did have one disappointment though. We had a regional flight booked with SA Airlink to Pietermaritzburg. Even after booking our flights online and receiving e-tickets, we were told that the company had no record of our payment and we had to pay for the flights a second time. Not only that – the ticketing office did not have credit card machines and so we had to wait for them to process our credit card manually. To make matters worse, they ran out of the official ticket stationery and could not print our tickets immediately! We found the staff to be unhelpful and unfriendly so I do hope that improves in the next few days. I doubt tired foreigners are going to be willing to deal with SA Airlink staff! One consolation – Joel Stransky was on board our flight to Pietermaritzburg and it was great to meet him.

We drove to Durban this morning and saw the Moses Madiba stadium for the first time. Very impressive indeed! It is truly encouraging to see Durbanites gearing up for the World Cup. South African flags are displayed at every street corner and are attached to most cars – they are everywhere! We took a walk on the new and improved Durban beach front. It was clean and safe and South Africans were being their normal, friendly selves. Well done Durban!!

Ok so what has all this got to do with Michael Jackson?! South Africa – this is truly it! Our moment of glory has arrived. This is our time to prove the skeptics wrong! The world will be watching us. Lets us open our home to people all around the world. Above all, let’s enjoy the moment. Let’s appreciate every moment of this wonderful event because we don’t know when something like this is going to come around again. When Michael Jackson died, people realized how great he was. This World Cup should not end before we realize what an opportunity we have! This is it!!


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