I Discovered Meditation

There is nothing like moving to a foreign country and getting the rug of your sensibilities being pulled from under your comfort zone. Yes, the UAE is completely different to my content life in South Africa: the people, my work, the “hierarchy” of nationalities, the obvious prejudices and the material bubble that people live in. Looking back, I think I became quite disillusioned with it all and that’s when I turned to meditation.

Here’s the thing about proper meditation: there’s nothing to it! No silly postures, no sixties inspired attire, no weird chants or mantras and no daft gurus. Just you, in silent contemplation. Just you, and well, the universe.

When I was young my parents played a game with us kids. It was called Silence is Golden. My mum or dad would suddenly yell “Silence is Golden!” to us unsuspecting kids and all at once silence would descend on our household. Her seal was broken by the first person (usually me) to utter a word and ultimately lose the game.

Meditation is something like that. All you need is silence. Silence to reflect on your day; silence to contemplate your attitudes and actions; and silence to discover the wonderful drama of the Cosmos.

Each time I sit, comfortably (and with my eyes open, I might add) in silence I turn inward. I welcome each thought as they drift through my mind. I don’t over analyse anything. I guess you may say it’s an active way of passively letting go. Sometimes I find myself talking to God, sometimes I find myself doing nothing but enjoying the me time and sometimes I fall asleep!!

But seriously, I don’t offer any great revelations just that I know I am calmer, more responsive to people – more with it – and my daily meditation seems to be the answer. I know now that there’s nothing in my life that I didn’t will to happen and so I’m happier. Meditation has helped me to realize that. Try it – your results will speak for you.


3 responses

  1. ” Just you, in silent contemplation. Just you, and well, the universe.” ~ wonderful 🙂 🙂


  2. I’m trying to do it from a long time but, its not so easy to control the things that get into mind and disturbs always. any tip?

    1. Practice makes perfect. Sometimes its not easy to control our waste thoughts. But what I try to do is not get overly worried about that. Just let them in gently, recognise that they are waste thoughts and gently tell them to go. Slowly, your soul, mind and intellect will go back to being peaceful – which is in fact, your original state anyway! Good luck!

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