Freedom of our Minds

Just in case you’re living under a rock, I’ll remind you that today is Freedom day. Over the last few days, I’ve read many blogs from people who are bemoaning the state of our country, the lack of true and honest leadership and the degradation of our collective ethics and morality.

I attended a seminar in Abu Dhabi last Saturday entitled “Success over Stress” by Mike George. The seminar was brilliant in its simplicity. Mike George has a true gift of delivering remarkable insights in the most honest, simple and humorous terms. What relevance does this have to South African Freedom day?

Well, Mike George brought me to the realization that every situation and its outcome is defined by me. Yes – ME! Not my colleague, my spouse, my boss, my neighbor – ME! Stay with me for a minute. I learnt on Saturday that our thoughts define our attitude, our attitude defines our responses, our responses define our actions, our actions define our character and our character defines our destiny. Therefore, it is our thoughts that ultimately define our destiny!!

That’s when it hit me: if we are to succeed as a nation, if we are to build a country that we are truly proud of, then ALL South Africans need a major shift in our thinking. We have to stop with this glass-half-empty mentality and be free from all this negativity. We need freedom of our minds.

So, beginning today, I’m going to stop being a “negaholic”, as Mike George so aptly called it. I’m also going to start being grateful for the blessings in my life! And just to show you that I’m serious I’ve made another list of all the positive news stories over the last week:

• Our Housing Minister, Tokyo Sexwale saved 160 million bucks by, amongst others, driving his own car and flying economy class
• Two coppers in P.E. turned down a R2 million bribe
• SA will earn R13bn from visitors to the World Cup
• The racist email in the Western Cape turned out to be fake
• SA got its first woman Judge
• JZ is HIV negative

As for what I’m grateful for today: I loved my Arabic class this morning – thank you, thank you!


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