Say What? Foreign Accent Syndrome

When I was in school, there was a girl who went to London for a two week holiday and came back with an American accent. Ok, so I must admit, that had nothing to do with foreign accent syndrome but rather fake accent syndrome.

But seriously, when I read this story – I was very surprised. Of all the new diseases, viruses and syndromes spouting these days, humans have to deal with one more! Foreign accent syndrome is often associated with stroke victims and other forms of brain damage.

Take Sarah Colwill’s experience. The 35-year-old IT project co-ordinator, suffered migraine several weeks ago and ever since has been stuck with a strange Chinese accent!

“I was born in Germany but I moved here when I was 18 months old,” she told the U.K.’s Daily Mail newspaper. “I’ve never been to China.”

Not taking anything away from Sarah, or any other genuine sufferers of this syndrome, I thought it would be quite funny if I woke up with a foreign accent one day. Maybe, like Julius says, I could take my “fake accent” and do something more useful than write a blog!

I’ll leave you with this sketch by one of my favourite comedians, Omar Djalili:


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