SA’s Giant Dooses of 2010

I have a friend who loves making lists. She’s a turbo list maker on steroids! We were at Jumeirah Beach Residences on Friday and she started making a list of the lists she needed to make!

Anyway, I thought I would take a leaf out of her book and start one of my own. The first thing I thought about was all the houtkoppe we were dealing with currently. So here’s my list of giant dooses for 2010:

1. Julius, “bastard”, “agent”, Malema

2. Steve “I’m an intellectual” Hofmeyer

3. Andre “ I’ll touch you on your studio” Visagie

4. Seth “bribe me” Nthai

5. Floyd “I’m Juju’s slave” – Shivambu

6. The Suidlanders (not an individual, I know, but their collective IQ might be less than that of a human)

7. Nomvula “speed queen” Makonyane

8. The blue light brigade (also not an individual – see point 6)

9. Jacob “another bride, another baby” Zuma

10. Gwede “I love Hitachi” Mantashe


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