ET Is Dead – Julius Wants the Mines – Will A Real South African Leader Please Stand Up?

Like many South Africans, I was shocked to hear about the murder of Eugene Terre’blanche. Not because the guys means anything to me, but because his violent end comes at a time when racial tensions are running high and the last thing we need is another farmer killed.

To add to that, I read the verbal garbage Julius Malema was spewing in Zimbabwe. This is not funny anymore. The big cheeses in the ANC don’t or can’t reign in Julius. The man is clearly a racist, crazed, uneducated lunatic! His behaviour is becoming more and more dangerous.

The ANC is not singing from the same hymn sheet anymore. Here’s another issue: while Zuma tries his hand at mediation in Zimbabwe, his youth leader lambasts Morgan Tsvangirai. Talk about embarrassing!

The question is, are we really going to sit back and let the likes of Julius Malema and ET’s followers (who are clearly intent on revenge) ruin everything that we’ve worked so hard for? Are we going to let morons define our future?

My only hope and prayer is that somehow, somewhere – from anywhere – there springs a moral, educated, leader who all South Africans deserve. A leader who we can be proud of – a person who will have the strength to stop all this nonsense, the courage to show South Africans that we need to find our morality again, and the tenacity to deal with the real issues that face our country.

Whoever you are, wherever you are – it’s time to get down to business.


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  1. Quite scary the recent events in SA, even more frightening are how this could all escalate. And all this 2 months from the World Cup, there have been reports of supporters cancelling flights etc. Fact or Fiction I’m not sure but not a good sign.

    As for Malema and his so called statements, I am not sure why he has not been gagged already by the powers that be in the ANC; he is either untouchable or very well connected!!

    All I hope and pray is that we don’t have a retaliation attack on any of the ANC or far left organisations. What are the chances of that not happening??

    The pessimist in me says that it will not happen, however optimistically I can’t see how the AWB will sit back and allow ET’s death to go un-avenged.

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