Caster Semenya: Round No 2

I was watching Caster Semenya’s homecoming yesterday on Sky News. Talk about a welcome! It was great that South Africans rallied behind our girl the way that they did. Also interesting that Sky News insist on calling Caster Semenya the “controversial” 800m gold medalist from South Africa. Damn irritating!

A few questions though:

Winnie Mandela and the ANC?! Seems like the ANC wanted clearly to make the most of the gender / race row – as they suffer from strike action and service delivery issues. Of course! Swing attention away from these and fuel public anger at the treatment of a woman who is at the peak of her career! Poor Caster! She was obviously very uncomfortable with all the attention and then Winnie hugs her and calls her, her “grandchild”. And at the press conference: “We have defeated difficult situations in the history of this country. Don’t touch us.” Blimey!

Why not focus on what she did to achieve the honour? Where were her coaches? Her family? Surely that would have been more dignified instead of all the hostilities? But then again – there are very few occasions when these so-called politicians in South Africa act with dignity.

By the way, check out this petition drafted by the National Sexuality Resource Centre. A reader, Jenny, brought it to my attention.

Who said South Africans live a dull and boring life?!


2 responses

  1. i think its amusing that the mother of the nation is now the grandmother
    the anc are fools – they say such stupid things in public it make me cringe!

  2. I wait for the day when we can have politicians who are the likes of Ted Kennedy! Maybe a pipe dream though.

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