The Trouble with David Beckham

My, my! Is David Beckham in a spot of bother or what?! If it ain’t the football clubs – it’s his fans that can’t stand him right now. One just has to ask: what went wrong with the golden boy of football?

Ok, so even I, who knows squat about the game, could tell that his so called “mission” to pull American football out of middle earth and place it into mainstream sport had everything to do with money. Who in their right mind would move from a European club to a club that sounds like they’re part of Star Trek?

I read somewhere the Europeans are bombarding his agent with offers for him to cross the Atlantic again. Can he still play football? Beats me – but methinks the global recession has forced them to sell more merchandise with his name on it – and that’s the reason they may want him back.

The trouble with David Beckham is that he is a one man marketing machine who is not in the prime of his career. He should have retired from football the day he left AC Milan – or even the day he left Man United. Shame man! Too many people are banking on him and too many people make a living off him – so he has been forced to keep at it. He should have quit while he was ahead – like many greats!


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