We have the Madiba – Hela Fela Klaar!

I’m finally back after my holiday. I took a trip for two weeks to my home country, South Africa. It was great to be back!

After trying to get used to the winter (I don’t ever remember Pretoria being that cold) I adjusted to all the construction taking place around Gauteng. To be honest, all the construction pales in comparison to what’s going on in Dubai, but its still great to see Gauteng (and the rest of South Africa) improving in a big way. Work has even started on the R55 – yes, miracles do happen!

Besides the construction – what I realised that I missed the most was the South African spirit. I was fortunate enough to be in South Africa to celebrate Mandela Day. It was truly awesome. People from all walks of life took 67 minutes of their time in aid of worthy causes. I listened to Tokyo Sexwale host a pledge line on 702. Pensioners were pledging R67 of their pension monies along with businessmen who gave up hundreds of thousands of bucks in aid of Mandela charities. I merrily tagged along with the rest of my family when we visited a childrens’ home in Sunnyside with 67 pieces of KFC!

People all around the world were celebrating Madiba’s legacy – allowing us to gloat once more about being South African.

Yes, we have the municipal strikes; infant mortality rates in our hospitals are up by 20%; unemployment is on the rise and Shabir Shaik is a free man. But we have Nelson Mandela. Full Stop.


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