How Do You Respond to a Racist Afrikaner?

I contributed to recently. This is a great blog, reflecting all that’s fantastic about South Africa and its people. The post I wrote revolved around meeting Gary Player in Dubai. I’ve always held the opinion that Gary Player was racist and thrived on apartheid before 1994 but I was pleasantly surprised at his speech at the Emirates Golf Club. The post was entitled “Leaving the Past in the Past”.

This was one of the comments I received from one Mr. Dirk Muller. I have quoted his comments verbatim, so please forgive the grammatical errors and the atrocious spelling.

Prisha Bhoola and Garry,
You english speakers never fail to amuse me with your sly remarks about Verwoerd while meastime back at the ranch, you englishspeakers never moved a finger to uplift any of these black savages that ran around naked in the bush! Now, you englishspeakers were the ones who took from them as well as from the Afrikaner whatever you wanted and now sing you “holier than thou” songs as if you were never part of any racial hatred!
L:et’s get a couple of facts straight:
1. These balcks never stop stealing.
2. These blacks never stop killing.
3. These blacks never stop lying.
4. These blacks never stop raping.
5. These blacks never stop being corrupt.
6. Apartheid was started under brittish rule ( the brittish are english speakers just like the cursed americans and cursed ausies etc. and are just as sly! )
7. It was Afrikaners who made humans out of these black savages by putting their primative languages to book, teaching them to read and write, teaching them personal hygene so they don’t all die out because of disease, who created and trained teachers so they can uplift themselves, and at the end, again it was the Afrikaners who gave them a chance to prove to the world ( as well as to themselves and the sly englishspeakers of this world!) that Ian Smith was a prophet when saying they won’t be able to rule themselves in a thousand years!
One of the most amaizing things about africa is the fact that “players” are always being placed on some “hight” while “thinkers” like me, Verwoerd and Ian Smith, are always treated as dirt even while the facts of things happening around us right now, proof the “thinkers” to be far supreme to the “players”!!!!
I chalenge you false englishspeakers to carry on singing your “holy songs” and to keep on “being positive” until kingdom come – Mugabe will still be an idiot and Zuma will still be stealing and raping while the savages, the brainless masses..; “the majority who can’t be wrong”, will keep those dictator-kind of fools in power!
I am a true “rockspider” and would much rather stay that than becomming one of you false englishspeaking gamepalying non-thinking rockheads!

There you have it. The “rockspider” has spoken! I mean, really?! At first I didn’t want to give BS like this any thought. But I have decided to put it out there – how would you respond?


10 responses

  1. The Afrikaaner is absolutely right. The Boers are the salt of the earth farmers, and they keep themselves separate from the blacks, but they did help them a lot too, for which they aren’t given any credit.

    The Boer people are the true victims of a real Holocaust, committed by the British during the Boer Wars. The British killed Boer women and children in concentration camps when they couldn’t beat the Boer men in the war fair and square.

  2. One can’t fault Jeronimus understanding of the identity struggle of the Afrikaner. My agreement with his interpretation is by no means justification or validation of the draconian apartheid era, but rather seeks to ponder on the etymology of racist practices. Regardless, there is no moral justification for the assertions of Mr Dirk Muller. I left a response to his archaic worldview and extreme prejudicial remarks at SA Rocks.

    I am an Afrikaner, 42 years old. Not entirely from the Verwoerd era, but certainly a product of a privileged upbringing. As a white South African, I vehemently condemn Muller’s remarks and echo the title of one of Jeanne Goosen’s finest books: “Ons is nie almal so nie” – “Not all of us” [is like that].

    In almost every society, race and racism make angry contusions and deep wounds in the body politic. It is an irony that although racism is a reality – and a harsh one – race itself is fiction. The concept of race has no genetic or biological foundation. All humans are closely related to one another, and at the same time each human being is unique. Not only is it artificial, but also a very new concept. Yet, in its short existence it has, like most lies and absurdities current among us, caused momentous harm. Martin Luther King: “Racism is on it’s deathbed – the question is, how costly will racists make the funeral?”

    Bigots like Mr Muller will do well to study recent events on DNA and gnome mapping, which has dismantled the idea of race completely!

    How do we respond to such dribble? Exactly in this way, by exposing it and engaging into proper debate. Perhaps, hope against hope, reason and kindness will flourish greatly at the expense of superstition, tribalism, enmities, greed and fear. This remains the only true hope for the future, and that is probably why some of us will not give up the theme, even if we still play the piano while the ship sinks. As hopeless as it seems, reason and kindness will in the meantime have made a little bit of difference in the direction of the good.

    1. More comments from sane people and Dirk Muller’s rubbish on SA Rocks

  3. Racist assholes.

  4. I must ask everyone posting here, please take a minute or two to read my post, I am a white South African, My race means nothing , the race of my friends is also irrelevant, we are all of mixed race – I am not a racist!! please!

    Would any one of you people siting cozily within the bounds of European/Western civilization- be willing to come and live here, or send your kids, or grandkids for their schooling, – never right, too dangerous, not up to standard?

    Our shores are not good enough for your investment, our systems are not good, reliable, or stable enough for you to do business here? Africa hosts it’s first ever Football World cup in 2010 – why only now?

    So opinionated you all are, but you have no idea what it is like for us, our forefathers were sent here to milk the African continent, and enrich your “first-world” countries, and now – after the winds of change have blown – we have been left behind enemy lines – You don’t even send your money here, let alone have to put up with living in constant daily fear. We are trapped here, we have no chance of going to live in a safer continent – could you imagine yourself stuck here?

    My black friends are even looking at emigration!

    SO HERE IS MY QUESTION I POSE TO THE “OPINIONNOLOGISTS” out there with so much to say of a land they know so little of, and feel even less for!


  5. Dear Robert,

    To use the failure of African states cannot imply the success of the Afrikaner SA. After all, considering RSA was created around 1961, it only lasted 30 years. Not a lot in the history of a nation.

    The failure of the African states is caused by the same western countries that created these in the rush for Africa.

    Do you think that any African Dictator can last as long as they do without the support of a Western Power?

    No dictator in an emerging market can exist, let alone continue for so long, without the support of a Western Power.

    Even in countries like Iran and Iraq, wealthy countriies, The CIA has actively and openly changed governments. Look around, North Korea, SOuth Korea, how does that come about? NATO and Communist Russia supported one or the other.

    Add Philipines, Malayasia to the list. Read about their leaders and the writing is in on the wall.

    Togo, Zaire, Liberia dictators lasted decades on the support of western countries like France and Belgium and USA.

    And who is the leader now? after the so called democratic elections? The sons of the same dictators!

    Whenever a sincere African leader rose to power, he was executed – take Lumumba in Zaire, even Zimbabwe, Mugabe with the western support killed his deputy president –

    To add insult to injury, these countries now send so called aid agencies to help – what a laugh – just like missionaries with bibles 100s of years ago.

    So Africa has been cursed by its riches. Powerful manipulators have taken advantage of its simple, subsistence people.

    And guess who have benefited most from it? The greatest wealth from Africa has been made by the Jewish families – read your history, the Rothschilds funded oppenhiemers and now own the banks, UBS (they also funded the Civil War in America in the 1700’s) When you look at the holocaust, also remember that we all reap the results of our actions – this is the unescapable law of Karma.

    Please dont waste this precious life in hate, or condemnation. Instead be generous, help whoever you can, whenever you can, dont worry about the color of the person or the nationality or what you will get from it. Try this and you will become really happy.

  6. Following the granting of independence on 30 June 1960, a coalition government was formed, led by Prime Minister Lumumba and President Joseph Kasa-Vubu. The new nation quickly lurched into the Congo Crisis as the army mutinied against the remaining Belgian officers. Lumumba appointed Mobutu as Chief of Staff of the Armee Nationale Congolaise (ANC), the Congolese Army, and in that capacity, Mobutu toured the country convincing soldiers to return to their barracks. Encouraged by a Belgian government intent on maintaining its access to rich Congolese mines, secessionist violence erupted in the south. Concerned that the United Nations force sent to help restore order was not helping to crush the secessionists, Lumumba turned to the Soviet Union for assistance, receiving massive military aid and about a thousand Soviet technical advisers in six weeks. The U.S. government saw the Soviet activity as a maneuver to spread communist influence in Central Africa. Kasavubu, riled by the Soviet arrival, dismissed Lumumba. An outraged Lumumba declared Kasavubu deposed. Both Lumumba and Kasavubu then ordered Mobutu to arrest the other. As Army Chief of Staff, Mobutu came under great pressure from multiple sources. The embassies of Western nations, which helped pay the soldiers’ salaries, as well as Kasavubu and Mobutu’s subordinates favored getting rid of the Soviet presence. On 14 September 1960 Mobutu took control[8] in a CIA-sponsored coup. The new regime placed Lumumba under house arrest for the second time and kept Kasavubu as president.[9]

    All Soviet advisers were ordered to leave. Next, Mobutu accused Lumumba of pro-communist sympathies, thereby hoping to gain the support of the United States. Lumumba tried to flee to Stanleyville, but he was captured and sent to Katanga where he was assassinated.

  7. Ah yes, blame the Isrealites, we haven’t heard that one before. -_-

  8. Matt, isn’t it okay to tell the truth? The Jews really did a number on Africa and it paid off for them. Africa has been raped and pillaged since the “others” invaded the otherwise simple country. Besides, when you pit a people against one another, vacinate them with diseases, rob them of their natural and should I say vast wealth (a practice that still exists today), etc, what do you expect. Early colonization made sure that the indigenous people had NO MEANS to recoup once they supressesors left. It will take time and international co operation… Yes Matt, the Jews played a HUGE role in helping desimate African wealth and Nations; we all did.

  9. In South Africa (murder / rape / assault / robbery) – rate is so high.
    The people here are acting worst than animals.

    6 yrs go an english speaking friend of mine was invited to a braai (barbeque) by afrikaners, his drink was drugged with dape rape drugs, they waited for about 80-90 minutes for the drugs to take effect, then had a 2m tall guy attack him (he is 1.73m tall).
    5 yrs ago at a shopping center I saw 4 colored guys wanting to beat up a 19 yr old white guy, a security guard an I intervened.
    3 yrs ago an indian guy drove into a parking bay and bumped a 60 yr old white guy with his car, when the white guy complained the indian guy wanted to beat up the 60 yr old white guy,
    I intervened.
    1 yr ago in edgars, a black guy (about 35 yrs old) wanted to beat up an indian guy (about 65 yrs old), one of the other shoppers and I intervened.

    Someone told me 2 years ago that the longer he gets to know the human the more respect he has for the animals. Were we humans only created to destroy each other ?
    Since the police and legal system is as in-efficient as a fish in the desert, and the crime rates are escalating out of control, the only remedy is to make psychiatric evaluations and treatment mandatory for all men in South Africa, goverment should use some of our hard earned tax money they waste to subsidise it.

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