Ke Nako (It’s Time) South Africa!

The 2009 Confederation’s Cup is upon us. South Africa is going to be the host of this tournament that is regarded as a dress rehearsal for the FIFA 2010 World Cup. There are so many questions and so much speculation about South Africa’s ability to host these two events. But here’s what I think will happen in the next 15 days:

• All the Confed Cup matches will run like clock-work even if some of the pitches are “pot-holed” by the British Lions.

• The organization will not be world-class but uniquely African. What do I mean by that? There will be slight glitches here and there but we’ll do what we have to do and we’ll do it adequately – with a touch of Mzanzi character.

• Media (whether foreign or local) will continue to highlight the faults of the Local Organizing Committee, South African Government and South Africans in general and give them “a taste of what’s to come in 2010”. Achievements will be mentioned – followed by, “BUT……”

• There will be people who will criticize the opening ceremony.

• Crime during the coming days will be highlighted ten fold – even if it’s completely unrelated to the tournament.

• South Africans will surprise foreign visitors with our warmth – even if the weather behaves in the opposite manner.

• Bafana Bafana will do us proud with their performance – they may not go all the way – but we’ll be proud and passionate supporters.

• Words like “Hola, Uau Bathu, Eish and Vuvuzela” will be used by foreigners and South Africans alike.

• Spain will win the Cup.


3 responses

  1. Great post!
    I think you’ve got it spot on 🙂

  2. Hi there, I think we’ll host the best confed and world cup ever with a swist of our own flavour. International media always has something negative to say about South africa. All I can say is let the games begin and uMzannsi will definately shine!!!

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