This is the real reason Group 4 Securicor will not work at the FIFA 2010 World Cup.

Story from the BusinessDay: “Johannesburg — GROUP 4 Securicor (G4S), the world’s biggest security company, will not work at the 2010 Soccer World Cup next year in SA due to its concern about the tournament’s organisation, says CE Nick Buckles.

“We are not going to be involved because we don’t think the security is going to be that good — they are not that well organised yet,” Buckles said in an interview yesterday with Reuters.
Buckles said that G4S regarded SA as the most dangerous country in the world to work in — ahead of Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Hmm – smells like something fishy to me. So, G4S has decided not to work with the Local Organising Committee of the FIFA World Cup. Ha – did they ever stop to think about why South Africa would not like to work with them? I did a little digging and came up with the following from PRS Newswire:

1: Group 4 Securicor is South Africa’s largest provider of security guards with operations in 104 countries.

2: The Company recently found themselves at the centre of controversy with trade unionists from around the globe (I repeat: not only in South Africa, but around the globe).

3: According to the African trade unionists, throughout the continent — in Mozambique, Malawi, Uganda, Congo and Kenya — Group 4 Securicor has established a discernable pattern of behaviour — disregarding home country’s labour laws, refusing to honour court decisions, leading aggressive battles against union campaigns for improvements and refusing to recognize unions.

4: In the U.S., the company is undermining attempts by the US civil rights community and labour unions to improve conditions in the industry that is increasingly dominated by African American workers. National organizations like the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), the organization founded by Martin Luther King Jr. and members of the Congressional Black Caucus are all supporting security workers as they seek to organize unions to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

5: Group 4 Securicor is now the subject of an OECD complaint brought by UNI Global Union with the UK government. The complaint charges the company with violating the OECD guidelines on sustainable development and workers’ right to organise into unions.

6: A letter detailing many of these concerns was sent to Danny Jordan, CEO of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Local Organising Committee. The letter read in part, “We ask that you make clear to G4S that the company will only be eligible to provide security services at the World Cup if it changes course and treats workers and their representatives around the world with respect.”

Should South Africa be working with a company such as this, especially when our country will be hosting an international event? Of course not!

I would like to remind Mr Buckles that South Africa has successfully hosted about 150 events before.

I personally hope that this World Cup kicks ass – like no other World Cup before so that we can give the finger to people like Mr Buckles!!


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  1. Thanks for this! I work on 2010 in the Western Cape and this kiond of information is really useful against the naysayers. I agree completely that there is going to be no security problem. I sit through countless security meetings where the plan, tried and tested over God knows how many other major events, is dicsussed, refined and re-refined. It is not for nothing that India chose SA for the IPL. I doubt Afghanistan was ever under serious consideration!

    1. Well, I am sure all you are doing a sterling job! Its easy for people like G4S to criticise South Africa’s ability and its equally easy for ignorant people to believe them. We will prove them wrong in 2010. Good luck!

  2. I work for G4S here in the US and I have no idea what your talking about. The company is well run..they cross thier I’s and dot thier T’s and have an excellent training program. Since you aren’t here in the states you really should not be commenting on things you have no direct knowledge of as its only hearsay and proven NOT to be true.

  3. Bullshit Tracey – G4S are scum. They are getting awards in the UK while refugees are dying in their detention centres for ack of medical attention. We can see what is going on in the US via internet – oppresion of workers and trade unions is common in the US we all know that but G4S are typical Capitalist scum who we must smash in order to create a fair world for us all to live in!

  4. link to article on G4S run concentration camp:

  5. In Kenya the same company is advertising to offer security to pple traveling to SA.what a coincidence ?G4S are typical Capitalist.when they are denied security contracts at the world cup,they denounce safety in SA.well they are good in the act of causing money and valuables to disappear.

  6. G4S sounds like a GREAT employer…..where do I sign up?

  7. […] This is the real reason Group 4 Securicor will not work at the FIFA 2010 World Cup. May 20097 comments 4 […]

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