First-rate Elections in a First-rate Country

“South Africa has enormous problems. Unemployment, crime and HIV/AIDS rates are sky high, economic disparities are shocking even by third world standards, and race remains a national obsession. But one thing the South Africans have proven, yet again, is that they know how to run a first-rate election. Not everyone will be comfortable with outcome, but only the ignorant could quibble with the process.”
Chris Hennemeyer – International Foundation for Electoral Systems

I watched the election coverage on Al Jazeera, BBC and CNN yesterday. It was fascinating and I truly wished that I was at home. Even from the TV screen, the atmosphere at the polling stations seemed electric.

After all the hype is over and all the votes have been counted, the ANC would win the elections and Jacob Zuma would be our next President.

Wouldn’t it be great if he actually did sort out our crime and poverty issues? Wouldn’t it be just grand if all political parties treated each other with dignity and actually worked together for the good of our country? Wouldn’t it be swell if all government departments were free of corruption and delivered services to all South Africans efficiently and effectively?

How would you feel at elections 2014 if we ran a first-rate election in a first-rate country?


2 responses

  1. Hello Prisha great website keep it up. lxx Rajesh

  2. it would propably be great to run a first rate election in a first rate country, however, under the current circumstances that seems to be impossible. no doubt that there is a lot of corruption within our leading party and that is not about to change. it has always been that way, difference is that back then, the intelligent and moralled ruled and now, the reckless and immature are leading us. that brings about the question, will South Africa really change?

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