Thank You Indeed!

We attended Cirque Du Soleil two weeks ago and it certainly lived up to all the hype. The performance was breathtaking. Going through the official program, I came across a thought provoking piece entitled “Beautiful Delinquent Scream. Thank You.”

I love the next few lines. Here it is:

“Thank you to the makers of rules. To the breakers of backs. To the sincere autocrats. To the false democrats. To the builders of walls. To the painters of lines. Thank you. Thank you again. To those who tattoo numbers. To those who point fingers. To those who count their greed. To those who split by colour. To those who smile their lies. Thank you. Thank you so very much. Please, step into the spotlight. Let us take your picture. To immortalize you. To thank you. Let us engrave your faces into our album of infamy. So that we may never forget. So that we may never accept. Viva l’Alegria!”

My thank you too, to our South African government.


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