Marhaba,Sawubona, Namaste, Hello!

I admit it! I’ve succumbed to the world of blogging. This proves just one thing – there’s hope for us technologically challenged.

So let’s get started: whilst going through the customary task of checking by bank balance on Sunday morning, (which by the way is the start of our work week) I noticed that Standard Bank increased my credit card limit! 702’s Bruce Whitfield did some digging when he noticed that his friend’s credit card limit had also been increased without his permission. Eventually (and with some persuasion, I assume) Standard Bank admitted that they’d breached the National Credit Act. My credit limit, along with thousands of other customers’, was promptly re-adjusted.

I tell you – I’m pretty unhappy about other limits being increased without my permission. Like my expanding waist line – which, methinks, knows no limit! Eish – I need my own personal Bruce Whitfield!!



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